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JANUARY 31, 2018

Unless you live in a bubble or the backwoods, you know that we have a new Tax Reform Law which will affect real estate investors with different and new deductions, restricted deductions for property taxes paid, etc.  Linda de Marlor, our entertaining and knowledgeable tax expert will be with us on January 31st, to elucidate the new law and give us the scoop on what records to keep (everything!) and how to prepare for next year now.

FEBRUARY 25, 2018

William Roberge, the “go-to” attorney for Starker or 1031 Tax Exchanges, tax deferred exchanges of any kind of investment property, residential and commercial. The law office of Grant, Riffkin & Strauss, P.C. welcomes William H. Roberge, Jr. as its new Of Counsel attorney. Bill has more than forty-five years of experience practicing law, particularly in the areas of estate planning, probate and real estate, with a reputation for client service and integrity. The firm is excited to welcome Bill and utilize his services and expertise for its clients.

MARCH 29, 2018

We all seem to need money, so Steve Staments, mortgage broker, is going to tell you about old and new programs to get your loan money.  Back to the bubble, lenders are loosening restraints for those who have TINs but no social security numbers, specials for first time buyers, vets, etc.  If you don't need money for yourself but you are trying to flip or sell your home, this should interest you since you may need to help your buyer find $$ too.

APRIL 25, 2018

Karen Roper of Fenton Village, Inc. will talk to us about BID, an attempt to turn downtown Silver Spring into a town center like Bethesda; this is controversial but it also will give you a window into the politics and development companies that shape urban engineering.  If you have or plan to buy property in Silver Spring, this should interest you.  This type of thing has already occurred in Rockville and Wheaton.  In Wheaton, it is having a huge impact on the commercial property landlords who have had parking taken from their stores, buildings have cracked due to new construction and the County has really meddled in their leases and leasing, to the point of disseminating misinformation to prospective tenants.  You won;t fall asleep at this meeting!!  

MAY 24, 2018

How to Turn Unprofitable Apartments Around including what to look for if you are buying, what Three Things to Do First, how to get rents up, etc.  Everyone should know about apartments as they provide economy of scale and the rents determine the price of the building.  

JUNE 27, 2018

The topic will be the certificates issued by the Washington DC government which certify that the tenant has released the property to be sold (they can really hold up sales by attempting or pretending to buy the property).  Charles Matthews of Heymann Realty will discuss the system, how to manage it and how to profit from it.  For people who don’t invest in DC real estate because they don’t understand this system, this lecture will enlighten you.

JULY 26, 2018

How to make money with mobile homes called Deals on Wheels led by Jan.

AUGUST 29, 2018

Rob Morris of Castle Construction (Germantown):  MIni-splits and Foundation problems and solutions.  If you don't know what a mini-split is (neither did I until I heard how many ways they can cheaply solve old house problems) come and see how to economically fix rehabbing problems that might have required ductwork and major expenses.  Also, Rob specializes in foundation fixes, esp. in places where floors have to be shored up.  Find out about "sistering joints: and when and where this can be used, when it is not appropriate.  Rob does a lot of termite damage reconstruction work for Jim Tarwater, so he has stories about many termite damaged houses.

Also, the Ohio REIA is holding the national REIA  convention in Cincinnati this November and early bird fees are only $127 to attend until the end of the month.  Come and get more information if you want to go and soak up information from investors all over the country.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

Panel discussion led by Jan.


OCTOBER 24, 2018

BEN IS BACK!  Veteran REIMW member returns!  Former REIMW member and seasoned real estate investor Ben Smith of Magnolia Property Solutions, LLC, will be in the Washington DC area and will be our guest speaker.  We're very lucky to get Ben because he will share with us several of his strategies and techniques, which have allowed him to enjoy success in flipping, buying, holding, and funding real estate investments over the last 15+ years.  He enjoys providing affordable, quality housing, and likes the challenge of taking a house that needs work from the worst house on the block to the best house on the block. Ben will illustrate "active", "passive", and "interest" investment strategies in the creation of passive income streams as a path to ultimate financial freedom, and highlight recent renovation projects, in which he partnered with other REIMW members!

Included in Ben's presentation will include:

Determining Your "Why" - What Motivates You to Strive For Success?

Financial Freedom - How Earning More Money Gives You More Time

The Time Value of Money - Get Started ASAP!

Money Mistakes can be Corrected - Time is Gone Forever

The Difference Between Active, Passive, and Interest Income - How To Leverage Each Through Real Estate

Wholesales and Flips for Active Income

Rentals for Passive Income 

Lending, Self Directed IRAs, and Notes for Interest Income

The Keys to the Real Estate (or any) Business - Establishing Systems and Building Teams

A Personal Interactive Interview / Q&A Session with REIMW's Wayne Mitchell!

NOVEMBER 28, 2018

Mosetta and I went to the Ohio Real Estate Investors Assn. Convention in Cincinnati last week.  It was great!  I collected a lot of material from the vendors and bought the link which will contain the audio portion of the many sessions giving information on everything from investing in land and flipping land to storage units to vacation rentals and how to do all these profitably.  I also attended the Advanced Strategies session for experienced investors with fifty or more deals under their belts.   Their main objective was discerning the market trends and how to deal with the current situations to meet the challenges of what is coming.  Fortunately there were people from all over the country there: California, Oklahoma, the Midwestern states (heavily represented of course), and the East Coast.  So the discussions were enlightening and entertaining as investors described their deals and submitted questions to discuss.
We will hand out materials from private lenders, insurance companies that insure vacant homes, IRA vendors that include real estate in self directed IRAs, etc.  Don't miss the opportunity to find out what is going on now in the rest of the country and the predictions for 2019 and 2020.  Come and receive specific recommendations for what you can do to protect yourselves in the coming year or two.  Mosetta will undoubtedly have many things to share as well so join us for the last business meeting of the year.  December is our party so get details on that too.




MARCH 2019

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Time to come home from the beach or wherever you went for that last week of summer vacation!
This month, August  28th, Mr. Lawrence Cager, Multi-family Housing Manager, Dept. of Housing and Community Development in MC,  will be talking about Law 53-A, a little known requirement that you need to know about if you are interested in buying or selling apartment buildings or doing condo conversions.  It also may come in handy if you are prospecting for people to buy your house because there will be tenants who are displaced by the County transactions. I am sending you an advance copy of the regulations so you can read them and ask questions of this gentleman.  This will affect your transactions for multi-families, buying and selling, since the County has first right of refusal in some or all cases.  We need to know about this and you need to know the regs before getting into multi-family housing which many of you have told me you would like to buy.


I have invited Mauricio Mateos, a wholesaler who owns a local company that buys houses, cash, and flips them to rehabbers.  He will be sharing what he has to sell and we will see how he operates his wholesaling business, another topic many of you have asked for.
Please don't miss these meetings because they are usually a one time opportunity, esp. with the County officials.  As usual, there will be refreshments and the opportunity to present any deals you have for us.





Our meeting in January features Mary Zupancic, First Vice President of Investments and Director of the National Multi-Housing Group at the Zupancic Group of Maraiso and Milichap. We will look forward to seeing you there to learn about commercial properties and how the "Big Boys do business: so you can know more about commercial investments, how to get into and out of them and how they do their quiet but successful marketing that reaps millions. See you there!